Sunday, 17 August 2008


Sorry sorry! Yes I know its been forever since I last was here! but I have loads to report!!

The Chocolate stuff has landed! I am now officially a CocoMoyo chocolate tasting demonstrator! "woo hoo" I hear you say! "Whats that then?"! Well..... let me explain... I come to your house and you invite a group of your friends round for a fun night in with wine and chocolate! I run through the history of chocolate making and eating and the health benefits of eating chocolate. Then on to the exciting bit, you and your friends get to taste 12 different chocolates, not Mars, Caburys, and Galaxy but different cocoa solid % pure chocolate. Then you have the opportunity to buy some rather lovely hand made chocolates from me!!!! I now have a garage full of chocolate again, and am pushing full ahead in to the world of a self employed chocolate lady!!!

So to book or buy please get in touch!!! I obviously only do the South Wales area but I can put you in touch with a local chocolate lady!

Or you can order through me and I can post out!

NO this is not an advert, just letting you know what I have been up to and what is all about! Honest!

My youngest is now 5!!! 5 I tell you when the B Hell did that happen? how did my baby get so old? She had a lovely day and I made a FAB mermaid cake, even if I do say so!! photo above!
We are childless this week. The girls are staying with my parents in the North, and will be home on Saturday!! YAY a week to organise my life and sort the chocolate stuff out so I can be super duper marvelous from now on.....

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