Friday, 27 June 2008

SIZE 14!!!!

Yes yes yes!!! I was actually dancing around the changing room with the biggest silliest grin on my face!! I was in the wonderful Monsoon looking for a pair of trousers to replace the size 18 smart jeans that are literally hanging off me, so I picked up a lovely pair of dark blue Linen trousers, very nice! size 16 I thought "hell why not these must fit as the 18's are huge on me now" so then wandered around to see what other delights they had, then I was grabbed by a shop assistant! So I told her what I was after and she pointed me in the direction of some jeans, hipsters but baggy, I thought "hipsters, yeah right the large tummy I have is gonna look FAB in them NOT!" I took them anyway as she told me they are generous.

In the changing room I tried the linen ones first, very nice, held my tummy in in the right places and were not too big anywhere, may just get a few months out of them! Then tried on the size 16 jeans, fitted fine and were a little baggy round the bum/tummy area. So I went and talked to the ladies again and they said that yes they looked too big "why not try the 14" !!!!!!!!!! yeah right!

But they DID UP!! That was the first hurdle! AND they looked AMAZING!! so while texting my Mum I jumped for joy and danced in the mirror for a while, I probably made rather a fool of myself, but then it was early! Not too many other customers! Thank goodness! So i bought them both!!!

Now how to tell Rich.... Seeing as I was not going to buy anything new for a while cos am still loosing weight, ah well umm.. may just pop them in the cupboard and wear them during the day!!

So even if its raining like it has never rained before I don't CARE cos I have size 14 jeans!!!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Hen crisis update!

Well.... I caught her! She was not that hard actually as she is very docile at the moment. Beauty was more of a problem as was parking at the blooming vets! The carpark is always full of the vets' cars and no room for the customers (should that be patients?!) so we all end up blocking each other in.

I took Gen to see a very lovely (if a bit young!) vet who felt her and had a good look at her and then stuck a needle in her chest!! well brest actually, not nice but hopefully that and the drugs I now have to get into her daily will make her all better! and back to egg laying soon.

I then had quite a long chat with a very nice farmer (horses) who was also blocked in the car park, while we waited for the lady with the white dog to move her red beetle out of the way! His dog was beautiful and so lovely, my Ffion would have fallen in love with him. He spent most of the time watching the pigeons on the pylon of the pub opposite, you could tell he wanted them! He was poised to leap!

I every excitedly have put some too BIG dresses on ebay as now am 2 stone lighter than I was 10 weeks ago! This is a big thing for me and you will hear more and more about this probably! (in case you are interested am doing Weight Watchers)

Anyhoo am going to do some very exciting ironing now!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Hen Crisis

Having a Hen crisis today, Genevieve, our ISA Brown is unwell, we think she is crop bound but she has not laid since friday and is now very lethargic. All she does is sit. or stand and close her eyes. Poor thing so I am off to the vets with her at 2pm.

I should introduce the Hens properly, we have 2. One ISA Brown as above and one Black Rock called Beauty!!

We have had them for about 7 weeks and they have been laying for about 3, only now Gen has stopped. We love them and my daughters are injoying "thier" pets!!

Right then off to catch a Hen......

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Well here we are!

Well what can I say...
I've been thinging of writing a blog for a while, wanting to have somewhere to put the Random thoughts from my blonde head!

I am going to use this to tell my stories of my days, my hens and general thoughts passing through!!

so we shall see....