Thursday, 17 November 2011

Wales The True Taste 2011

I also need to let you all know that on 20th October 2011 I got a second Wales the True Taste award!

The lump of glass is my exciting trophy!

I had a very exciting trip up to Llandudno to get my award.... I flew from Cardiff to Anglesey in the smallest passenger plane I have been in (well I have been in a 4 seater but that was a fun flight this was a "proper" flight!)

No not the Jets in the background the one in the front!!!

I hired a car from there and went to visit a supplier of mine.... Halen Mon, the award winning sea salt company.... I use their Vanilla Salt in my Salty Toffee Brownies, I collected an order from them, well why not?!

Having got my salt I drove off towards Llandudno, to collect my Mum from the train station. She came with me to the award ceremony!

We went up in the cable car

Which was a lot of fun!
and then the ceremony..

this was also fun! and loooong!

The next day before my flight home we visited Conwy Castle..

Having never been to North Wales before I really enjoyed my trip. And the flight!!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Cake International

October saw the annual Cake International at the NEC in Birmingham.
I went along with my good friend Clare from Little Welsh Deli (without any persuasion!) to have a look at the amazing creations and the wonderful array of products to buy....

The detail in some of these cakes were amazing and I must say I was blown away by all of them!! and got very camera happy!!

I think my favourites were the Alice in Wonderland creations.....
The cake was actually balanced on a tea pot and a cup and saucer!!

It was an amazing day and I came home with 6 cake boards suitable for my Chocolate Christmas Trees and 1 pot of edible glitter!!! (don't ask about the 2 craft fayres that were also on that day...)

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Blogger Award!

Well now! How exciting! the wonderful Becca from has passed the above award on to me! so I am all tickled pink etc!!
This means (apparently) that I have to write about me! (oh really!)

so humm I think I will use Bec's list of question cos that makes it easier!!

The song I can’t get out of my head is...
Katy Perry's Firework, as my girls are singing it all the time!

When I was a child I wanted to be...
A Farmer's Wife! or a Lorry Driver.

My proudest moment is...
Well, I am rather proud of my Wales the True taste award, also and more so I am very proud of my 2 beautiful, brave girls.

The shops I can’t walk past without buying something are...
Shoe Shops. (particularly Irregular Choice)

My favourite meal is...
The Rarest Fillet Steak, with blue cheese and mushrooms.

My favourite drink is...
Sparkling Shiraz (Banrock Station)

The book I’m reading at the moment is...
Gypsy, by Lesley Pearse (chick Lit!)

My biggest regret is...
Until recently I didn't have any regrets... now I do.

My perfect Sunday/Saturday is...
Waking up on a late spring/early summer morning with my beauties, and taking them with the small dog for a lovely walk through the woods at 3 Cliffs (Gower, South Wales) then down on to the beach and back to Pennard Castle for a picnic. Then home via a lovely tea shop for hot chocolate. Home for a film cuddled up on the sofa and then bed.

Last thing at night I always...
Put the dog to bed, check both the girls are sleeping soundly and then brush my teeth!

If I have time to myself I...
Read my book. Write some of my blog!

When I’m feeling down I...
Cry usually! then rant then pull back the Ruth face!!

The best thing my parents taught me was...
To stand on my own 2 feet. Make my own choices. Trust in those choices and that they are behind me every step of the way.

My biggest influence is...
My Wonderful Mum. My beautiful Daughters. and more recently some of the other strong business women I have been lucky to have made friends with!

My greatest weakness is...
Chocolate!!! (Surprise!)

If I could pass any law it would be...
An exam to pass before you are able to have children.

I’d love to...
see the Norwegian Fjords, see the Northern Lights,
Go to Matchu Pichu.

My favourite sport is...

If I could live anywhere it would be...
On a Farm. or In a Beach Hut.

Not a lot of people know this but I’m no good at...

If I could change anything it would be to...
Well now! where do I start.....

Well thank you for reading your way through that lot! I am meant to now nominate 3 blogger to pass this award on to, but most of them already have been awarded it except for...

Enjoy my lovelies! xx

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Stage 1 of girlyfying the garden has started!!
This is basically a picture story so I will let the
pictures do the talking...

Doesn't it look really lovely? Like a beach hut? It isn't quite finished yet, but the wooden step at the front is a bit rotten and damp, so I think I may have to replace that!

We had fun painting it and I think the Big Shed now needs a birthday and could well end up the same colours seeing as we have plenty of paint left!!!

Time to move the planters back and scrub the children!!

Thursday, 26 May 2011


I have been a busy girl...

I had 2 spare places on 2 walls that I needed to fill, so I bought some canvasses the right sort of shape and size for the spaces.

I wanted one to be blues and the other greens.

Any of you who know me at all you will know that flowe
rs is my thing, so flowers was the plan.

Bit fuzzy sorry! but you get the idea!

Green.... not sure if I have finished this one but its on the wall..

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Wonderful Place I live!

I wanted to share with you all the fantastic pictures I took last Saturday when my 2 beautiful girls and I went for a jolly on the Gower!
See Wonderful! I love this time of year when everything is waking up and bursting into flower.... The weather is back to the usual spring, changeable that we in the UK (especially Wales) are used to. It is cardigan weather! Lovely, warm but fresh and blowy!


Thursday, 5 May 2011


Last weekend was wedding central!!
1stly the biggy, Willia
m and Katherine tied the knot on Friday (as we all know!)
and then on Saturday....

My friend's Paul and Dee had their Reception (they got married in Gretna Green on the 16th April)

Dee wore her big white dress for the 2nd time and Paul wore his tartan (he's a Forbes so had a proper family one!!) I as the "Matron of Honour" co-ordinated, along with Dee, the rest!! Starting with flowers that were a disappointment, Dee ordered the flo
wers (silk so she could have them for the 2 events) from the same lady who made her tiara. The bouquet was BAD! So... I ripped it apart and made a new one!!! We decided not to hire the table centres from this lady, so I (with 2 weeks to spare) talked to a friend in the school yard who is a graphic designer and has her own wedding stationery business, her mum did the table centres for us! Fab job, thanks to both Gemma and her mum Jan!

Dee and Paul had invited close family and friends to arrive at the Reception at 6pm for photos, and then inside for the starter and main courses, with speeches after. The "evening" guests were invited to "Dessert and Dance" the dessert was a personal triumph!!! I used my contacts (friends) that I have made through the various markets that I have been at regularly, and Clare from Little Welsh Deli and Rachel from Cupcakes by Rachel are 2 of the bestest and most wonderful cake makers I know.... added to this Becca's amazing "Fancy Vintage China" to display it all on and a few little chocolate touches here and there and this is w
hat you get!.....

Looked amazing didn't it?! I am very impressed that it all came together so beautifully, and Dee and Paul had a wonderful evening.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Home again, home again jiggerty jig!

Hello! yes I've been away! Ran away to the North with my 2 girls! To see my Mum and Dad.
We have had a fab week and a bit away, a well earned break...

And the weather was very very kind to us!

We did lots of exciting things, climbing hills, going to the local
zoo/farmy thing, lots of shopping (of course) and I think that one of the highlights was having a picnic lunch on the Island on Derwent Water! (my parents are friends with the inhabitants of the house!)

Beautiful isn't it?! We had a lovely time sitting in the blazing sunshine!
Another highlight, obviously Easter, but also Easter Sunday was my Mum's birthday and so we had a double chocolaty exciting day! Lunch out and a very in depth Easter egg hunt (one for each of the girls so they couldn't follow each other!)
Lots of chocolate later and no one was sick!!!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

still here!

Yes I think I am. Thank you for asking! Yes I have had a bit of time off my blog! I am getting very close with my website! oooh its only been a year I hear you say! yes yes yes ok funny people, but I am a very busy Mum and chocolate making person!

I have to let you in to my newest treat of choice! With a Nod to Clare from Little Welsh Deli, who seems to make all my favorite and best non-chocolate treats at the moment! Macaroons.
So yes this is me, with Clare's amazing creations! No I didn't eat them all..... honest, it was a close run thing though!


Friday, 1 April 2011

The Postman brings me such lovely things!

Yesterday the postman dropped a Jiffy bag that I was not expecting through my letterbox....

I (being the person I am) checked the return address and found that this surprise was from my Godmother Chris! Oooh... not expecting this at all!

Obviously I found the scissors and cut the tape, rather than ripping my way in like most people would (we have my Mother to thank for this bit of tidiness!
can use it again now!)

this is what I was greeted with....A Bag! A Chocolate Bag!! A Yummy Chocolate Bag!!!!

With some of the Best chocolate quotes around on it!

Forget Love, I'd rather fall in Chocolate.

It's never too early or too late for Chocolate.

The Four Basic Food Groups, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate,
Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Truffles!

Chocolate, Men, Coffee. Some things are better rich. (this one is quite funny for me!)

But this one is my favourite and best;

There is nothing better than Chocolate, Except a good friend with Chocolate!!!!

So thank you thank you thank you thank you Auntie Chris, I love love love it! xxx

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Birthday Cakes

This time last week I was building a Skate Board cake for my Nephew Josh..

My girls don't like cake..... well I say that they do like cake they don't like roll-out icing or royal icing, they like "mummies icing" aka chocolate ganache!! So I am
a frustrated cake decorator!! I have the need/want to creat these amazing creations like Duff (Charm City Cakes) I love to read decorating books and look at all the beautiful things that are possible, but only very rarely get to have a go!!

So when my Brother-in -law asked me to make Josh's 5th
birthday cake I was in there!!

A Google search later I was all set! I knew what I needed to make what I wanted....
The 2 basic shapes was ok, all going good. I then found the perfect Green for grass..

Then I went to my friend Clare's (Little Welsh Deli) house for help
/advice and hand holding!!!! and we/she created the bestest Skateboard cake in the World!!!!!
Fabist 5th Birthday Cake (I've ever made!)

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

No Panic Today!!!

Nope, not a quiver of one!

I had a good day today, bagging up and labeling all those lollies from yesterday, oh and making a few more to add to the pile!

The girls and I have been Bird watching! I have set up a bird feeder over the back fence, on the grass bank, and we can watch the birds feeding from the dining room. They have their binoculars and bird identity leaflet and they try to work out which bird is which!

Sunshine has gone.... will we see it again this year?


Monday, 28 March 2011

I feel more organised!

It doesn't happen often, so take note!

I got lots of making done today, was a woman on a m

Made some lollies! then I made a few more.

Then I made some Hearts and Flower lollies!

So now I feel a little more in control of my week ahead! (please note it is Only Monday!)

I am doing 2 markets this weekend, Saturday will find Coco Bean at Show Home 2, Cimla Court, Neath. Sunday I will be in the Great Glasshouse at The National Garden of Wales (the Botanical Gardens) Carmarthen.

We also had an amazing tea tonight, if I do say so myself! Beef and Mushroom pie, with butternut squash and potato mash, peas and broccili. (Ben and Jerry made the menu for dessert!)

Tomorrow is another day...... and another panic no doubt!

Time, time, time....

More please, send more time to me! Oh and while your at it could I have another Ruth too!

I hear you say "get on with it then, get off the computer and use your time wisely woman" Well now you see I have to wait for my chocolate machine to pemper my chocolate so I can make more lollies!

I have lots to do and really am on top of it (i think!!)

I will update later with pics of my hard work!!


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Time to awaken the Blog!

Well..... I seem to have been a little pre-occupied!!

Welcome to Coco Bean's Blog.

I have awakened my old old old blog (was encouraged by Kate's Creations and Bendylegs Jo) And re-set passwords etc!

I Will Try Very hard to be a better blogger!