Thursday, 31 March 2011

Birthday Cakes

This time last week I was building a Skate Board cake for my Nephew Josh..

My girls don't like cake..... well I say that they do like cake they don't like roll-out icing or royal icing, they like "mummies icing" aka chocolate ganache!! So I am
a frustrated cake decorator!! I have the need/want to creat these amazing creations like Duff (Charm City Cakes) I love to read decorating books and look at all the beautiful things that are possible, but only very rarely get to have a go!!

So when my Brother-in -law asked me to make Josh's 5th
birthday cake I was in there!!

A Google search later I was all set! I knew what I needed to make what I wanted....
The 2 basic shapes was ok, all going good. I then found the perfect Green for grass..

Then I went to my friend Clare's (Little Welsh Deli) house for help
/advice and hand holding!!!! and we/she created the bestest Skateboard cake in the World!!!!!
Fabist 5th Birthday Cake (I've ever made!)

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

No Panic Today!!!

Nope, not a quiver of one!

I had a good day today, bagging up and labeling all those lollies from yesterday, oh and making a few more to add to the pile!

The girls and I have been Bird watching! I have set up a bird feeder over the back fence, on the grass bank, and we can watch the birds feeding from the dining room. They have their binoculars and bird identity leaflet and they try to work out which bird is which!

Sunshine has gone.... will we see it again this year?


Monday, 28 March 2011

I feel more organised!

It doesn't happen often, so take note!

I got lots of making done today, was a woman on a m

Made some lollies! then I made a few more.

Then I made some Hearts and Flower lollies!

So now I feel a little more in control of my week ahead! (please note it is Only Monday!)

I am doing 2 markets this weekend, Saturday will find Coco Bean at Show Home 2, Cimla Court, Neath. Sunday I will be in the Great Glasshouse at The National Garden of Wales (the Botanical Gardens) Carmarthen.

We also had an amazing tea tonight, if I do say so myself! Beef and Mushroom pie, with butternut squash and potato mash, peas and broccili. (Ben and Jerry made the menu for dessert!)

Tomorrow is another day...... and another panic no doubt!

Time, time, time....

More please, send more time to me! Oh and while your at it could I have another Ruth too!

I hear you say "get on with it then, get off the computer and use your time wisely woman" Well now you see I have to wait for my chocolate machine to pemper my chocolate so I can make more lollies!

I have lots to do and really am on top of it (i think!!)

I will update later with pics of my hard work!!


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Time to awaken the Blog!

Well..... I seem to have been a little pre-occupied!!

Welcome to Coco Bean's Blog.

I have awakened my old old old blog (was encouraged by Kate's Creations and Bendylegs Jo) And re-set passwords etc!

I Will Try Very hard to be a better blogger!