Wednesday, 13 April 2011

still here!

Yes I think I am. Thank you for asking! Yes I have had a bit of time off my blog! I am getting very close with my website! oooh its only been a year I hear you say! yes yes yes ok funny people, but I am a very busy Mum and chocolate making person!

I have to let you in to my newest treat of choice! With a Nod to Clare from Little Welsh Deli, who seems to make all my favorite and best non-chocolate treats at the moment! Macaroons.
So yes this is me, with Clare's amazing creations! No I didn't eat them all..... honest, it was a close run thing though!



Kate Reilly said...

Can I just add, they are AMAZING!!!

Fancy Vintage said...

They look so amazing, can't wait to taste them!