Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Stage 1 of girlyfying the garden has started!!
This is basically a picture story so I will let the
pictures do the talking...

Doesn't it look really lovely? Like a beach hut? It isn't quite finished yet, but the wooden step at the front is a bit rotten and damp, so I think I may have to replace that!

We had fun painting it and I think the Big Shed now needs a birthday and could well end up the same colours seeing as we have plenty of paint left!!!

Time to move the planters back and scrub the children!!


Fancy Vintage said...

Love it so much!
You do so much, in awe of you beautiful!

Dogsbody said...

Awesome! Amazing the difference that some paint (and a lot of skill) can make! :-)

Kate Reilly said...

Oooooh it looks lovely! You need some colour coordinated flowers for the front now! And don't forget to decorate the inside!

Ruth said...

Bec, thank you! no need to be in awe! We have been needing to do some changes and this was an easy one!

Dan, not much skill!! but thank you x

Kate, the inside has lino and curtains! just needs a spring clean.. next job on the list!! xxx

Fancy Vintage said...

It's Becca again, I love your new blog and have given you the kreative blogger award. Basically you just copy the logo from the top of mine and link back to it and then say a few things about yourself. I have a selection of easy questions to copy and paste if need any inspiration at the bottom of my last post! And then pass it on to three other blogs you like! I have given one to Kate's creations too!
Take care for now and thanks for your lovely blog!
Becca xxx