Thursday, 26 June 2008

Hen crisis update!

Well.... I caught her! She was not that hard actually as she is very docile at the moment. Beauty was more of a problem as was parking at the blooming vets! The carpark is always full of the vets' cars and no room for the customers (should that be patients?!) so we all end up blocking each other in.

I took Gen to see a very lovely (if a bit young!) vet who felt her and had a good look at her and then stuck a needle in her chest!! well brest actually, not nice but hopefully that and the drugs I now have to get into her daily will make her all better! and back to egg laying soon.

I then had quite a long chat with a very nice farmer (horses) who was also blocked in the car park, while we waited for the lady with the white dog to move her red beetle out of the way! His dog was beautiful and so lovely, my Ffion would have fallen in love with him. He spent most of the time watching the pigeons on the pylon of the pub opposite, you could tell he wanted them! He was poised to leap!

I every excitedly have put some too BIG dresses on ebay as now am 2 stone lighter than I was 10 weeks ago! This is a big thing for me and you will hear more and more about this probably! (in case you are interested am doing Weight Watchers)

Anyhoo am going to do some very exciting ironing now!

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