Monday, 28 March 2011

I feel more organised!

It doesn't happen often, so take note!

I got lots of making done today, was a woman on a m

Made some lollies! then I made a few more.

Then I made some Hearts and Flower lollies!

So now I feel a little more in control of my week ahead! (please note it is Only Monday!)

I am doing 2 markets this weekend, Saturday will find Coco Bean at Show Home 2, Cimla Court, Neath. Sunday I will be in the Great Glasshouse at The National Garden of Wales (the Botanical Gardens) Carmarthen.

We also had an amazing tea tonight, if I do say so myself! Beef and Mushroom pie, with butternut squash and potato mash, peas and broccili. (Ben and Jerry made the menu for dessert!)

Tomorrow is another day...... and another panic no doubt!

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Fancy Vintage said...

Love your desserts, look awesome!
How big is your oven!