Thursday, 31 March 2011

Birthday Cakes

This time last week I was building a Skate Board cake for my Nephew Josh..

My girls don't like cake..... well I say that they do like cake they don't like roll-out icing or royal icing, they like "mummies icing" aka chocolate ganache!! So I am
a frustrated cake decorator!! I have the need/want to creat these amazing creations like Duff (Charm City Cakes) I love to read decorating books and look at all the beautiful things that are possible, but only very rarely get to have a go!!

So when my Brother-in -law asked me to make Josh's 5th
birthday cake I was in there!!

A Google search later I was all set! I knew what I needed to make what I wanted....
The 2 basic shapes was ok, all going good. I then found the perfect Green for grass..

Then I went to my friend Clare's (Little Welsh Deli) house for help
/advice and hand holding!!!! and we/she created the bestest Skateboard cake in the World!!!!!
Fabist 5th Birthday Cake (I've ever made!)


Kate Reilly said...

It's marvellous! You are super-clever!

Clare Petre said...

Fantastic Ruthy! I'd like some advice on rolling out icing - I made a beautiful cake the other week, my first ever effort - a red velvet cake with electric pink buttercream, iced in black with pink stars. However, rolling out the black without getting white icing sugar all over it was a nightmare! Tips please?! Because I really enjoyed making the cake, and i want to make moooooore! xxx

Ruth said...

Right, Clare, I have consulted the "woman who knows all" and she says if you roll out and ice your cake with a day or so spare then the whiteness of the icing sugar should have either been asborbed or you are able to brush it off.... she leaves hers somwhere where it could be slightly steamy, near the kettle for example! Hope that helps! I am not by any means an expert at this.... She on the other hand is!!! so please ask and I will too!! x