Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Year update!

Well yes it's the middle of January but it is still the beginning of the year, as my hairdresser said yesterday! so....

Happy 2012, may it be a Good, Fruitful, Peaceful year for you all!!

Now, on to business!!

2012 looks to be a very exciting and busy one for Coco Bean!
My website is finally up and running and I am getting orders, which is wonderful and worth every penny spent!

I am taking Coco Bean to 2 events in London in the first half of this year (eeeek) and am working in cooperation with my good friend Clare over at she also has a lovely new blog have a look she truly is a domestic goddess. We are going to be working together so we can get to bigger festivals and even maybe more than one at a time!!

So hopefully you will be able to find me in one of my guises at some point over the coming year!

I am working on some new exciting chocolate products... rather than just Brownies... after all I am a Chocolatier!

Keep an eye on here, I will try to be a good blogger this year! (yeah right!)

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