Thursday, 17 November 2011

Wales The True Taste 2011

I also need to let you all know that on 20th October 2011 I got a second Wales the True Taste award!

The lump of glass is my exciting trophy!

I had a very exciting trip up to Llandudno to get my award.... I flew from Cardiff to Anglesey in the smallest passenger plane I have been in (well I have been in a 4 seater but that was a fun flight this was a "proper" flight!)

No not the Jets in the background the one in the front!!!

I hired a car from there and went to visit a supplier of mine.... Halen Mon, the award winning sea salt company.... I use their Vanilla Salt in my Salty Toffee Brownies, I collected an order from them, well why not?!

Having got my salt I drove off towards Llandudno, to collect my Mum from the train station. She came with me to the award ceremony!

We went up in the cable car

Which was a lot of fun!
and then the ceremony..

this was also fun! and loooong!

The next day before my flight home we visited Conwy Castle..

Having never been to North Wales before I really enjoyed my trip. And the flight!!

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