Wednesday, 25 September 2013

ok....erm....sorry...Can we start afresh and make friends again??

Please?  I will try very hard to be good? long has it been? I know, lets ignore how long it has been and turn that new leaf right over! And begin as if this was a new shiny Blog.

Hello! *waves* I am Ruth...Coco Bean.  I am a Chocolatier, Mother, Brownie Baker, talker, dog owner, slightly eccentric (in a good way) and ****Newsflash**** a girlfriend to a wonderful man and (yes I know that is two ands) I have Brown Hair!

So now we are friends I will tell you what I have been up to....

Today I made 3 kinds of chocolates for my lovely Boyfriend (from now we shall refer to him as LB) to give to his Mum for her birthday.  I only had a day to make them so I have made what I call "raw" truffles, these are fresh cream truffles that are just rolled in either sugar or cocoa powder and kept in the fridge, with a very short life.  I made a Muscavado Sugar truffle, from Paul A Young's book, a Blueberry truffle made with Blue sauce which I reduced further down to a very sticky syrup and used that to make the ganache.  And a version of Almond Rocher in little piles.  

Left is the Muscavado, Rocher in the middle and the Blueberry in on the right.
They are ok for a quick job!! I will let you know the feedback I get.

I will save any more news for tomorrow! (after a baking session). Be good until then!


Jill said...

They look delicious! You're going to earn yourself a few brownie points there :)

Ruth Waters said...

haha! I saw what you did there!