Friday, 4 July 2008

Happy July 4th!

Well, I know I am not American but its July 4th and nothing is doing here so Happy July 4th!!

Anyway enough of that! Am really gearing myself up for a "Rip Curl Girl Tour" surf lesson tomorrow on Llangennith beach, have got to squeeze this body into a wetsuit (should be interesting!) and then be able to move enough to jump on a board! HAhaha! No really am looking forward to it, will at least be able to say that I tried!

This week I have been doing the mundane! Sorting re-mortgage! woohoo! exciting stuff!

Although this morning I went for a wonderful cycle along the Celtic Trail, which just happens to run along behind our back fence (well it will when they have actually laid that part!) and goes both east into Swansea and west through Llanelli and beyond. I went west this morning. Wonderful views, beautiful wildlife, bunnies, birds and baby swans! I think I actually smiled the whole way! Only went for about 40 mins (can't tell you how far, lost the signs!) and then came back, wind in my face on the way back so was not sure if I would make it! I had to stop and remind myself that this was actually SO close to my home and this is why we live here! Really enjoyed "our" view! Will get a photo next time promise!!

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