Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Went to a wedding today. Two 5 year olds getting hitched in the local parish church!!!
It was a learning activity for my youngest's class, and we the parents were encouraged to go and watch! So a friend and I decided to dress up for the occasion! We put on some slap and bling and a frock each! And off we tottered to the church.
My Ffi was the flower girl in a dress to die for! provided by the school, fitted like it was made for her!
Really enjoyed it and so did all the kiddies! They went back to school for the "reception" jelly and dancing!!
Funny funny!


Dogsbody said...

Did I read that right?? Two 5 year olds!!?? :-/

Ruth said...

silly!! yes two 5 year olds! a Pretend wedding!!