Monday, 7 July 2008


Well in between the rain showers we had an interesting weekend.

The planned (and paid for) surf lesson with the Rip Curl Girl tour on Llangennith beach, we were woken early by Sian (eldest) who was complaining of a head and tummy akes, then proceeded to throw up! great start! We took it slow and got ready to go she seemed to perk up a bit so off we went....

Only to get there and she threw up again in the hedge! oh goody, so I went and sweet talked the nice lady in charge and she gave us our bags of goodies and said we could go back any day in the hols for our lesson, cue Very Sad Sian! poor little thing, she really wanted to give it a go and we had to sit in the car and watch the others get ready and go off to the beach while we waited for hubby and Ffi to go down and have a bit of a play in the surf! And do you know what? IT DID NOT RAIN THE WHOLE TIME WE WERE THERE!!

Also got some gardening done, and sorting the poor wet hens out! They look so sad and forlorn when it rains. But we did get the first few peas off the pea plants, which the girls got quite excited about!!

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