Friday, 11 July 2008


Why oh why is it raining? (yes I understand the cloud thing) But its July for goodness sake, why could we not have a proper July and have days of hot sun? The children break up from school in a week and they are going to be penned in the house and I will have to think of "exciting" things to do with them! Crafty things, cooking, games inside instead of just going OUT!!

This is why I am a housewife, not a career girl!!! I want to be with my children Honest!!
No I will have a good summer.

A very good friend of mine rang me yesterday to rant about being penned in with her little boy, and she needed to rant at someone who understood her! Thats me!!! I know she loves him to death she was just having one of those Mum moments when everything is Too much and her boy was doing everything he knows (he's only 18 months) to wind her up good and proper! Poor girl I have soooo been there many times in the past, she (and he!) will survive but it may take a while! Learning to drive will help my darling! and getting out and some dry days too!
We all need a good rant from time to time!!

Would be good to have some sunshine next week please Mr Weatherman?! Caravans are no fun in the wet!

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